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I help public, private, and homeschooled students create clear, concise, and compelling college applications to a balanced list of right fit colleges. Additionally, I guide homeschool parents to craft counselor documents that explain, enhance, and enrich their student’s application.

My book, College UnMazed: Your Guide to Design & Document Your Homeschool Journey, is available at College UnMazed. Use promo code RAMSEY10 for 10% off every item on the College UnMazed site.


A sampling of some schools where my students gained acceptances

Oberlin College
Smith College

My Thoughts

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Ten Tips to Increase Your College Merit Aid Award

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Total Students

I have coached over 700 students in high school essay classes designed to hone their writing skills.


Satisfied Students

Every student I have worked with has gained acceptance to a college they can afford that fits their academic, social, and career goals.


Professional Development Hours

I visit, research, and learn to provide you with accurate and nuanced information.

Why work with me?


Explore Phase

Our collaboration begins with the "Explore" phase, where your student will complete thought-provoking exercises to uncover their unique strengths, interests, and aspirations. Together, we’ll identify the key factors, from potential majors and career paths to campus culture and academic rigor, that define a “best fit” college experience.


Equip Phase

Next, we'll delve into the “Equip" phase, outfitting your student with the tools and strategies to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of colleges and universities. Students learn how to research and analyze each institution's offerings, compare them against their own priorities, and curate a balanced college list that aligns with their goals.


Execute Phase

Finally, in the "Execute" phase, your student will receive dedicated guidance through the entire application process. From crafting a compelling personal statement and supplemental essays to optimizing their activities list and interviews, I'll provide in-depth feedback and support to help them present their authentic self in the most impressive light.

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